Ask the right questions, so you really understand each other

Who is EQ Partnering?

We are a team of experts who specialise in partnering, collaboration and relationship management. We facilitate the development of great relationships between businesses that choose to work together – creating greater alignment, mutual value and better business outcomes.

We believe in the power of collaboration to create real economic value. Collaboration can help you to strengthen your supply chain, access new skills and knowledge, access new markets and be innovative in delivering business outcomes. Highly beneficially reasons to work well with others.

Research supports our belief in the value of a great relationship – between 7 and 20% of the value case can be lost through poor collaboration . Given the scale of some outsourcing contracts and joint ventures, that’s a sum not to be ignored. And in the current economic climate it suggests that successful collaboration between organisations is more important than ever.

You may already be part of a collaboration that needs a boost, thinking of bringing in a provider to deliver IT and business processes, or teaming up with other organisations to work together. Whatever your circumstance we believe we can help you succeed.