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AndrewAndrew Humphries

Andrew has worked with many organisations in Europe and Australia to achieve significantly enhanced partnering effectiveness. He developed his partnership appraisal methodology and supporting tool set with Cranfield School of Management.

It has been used to assess the performance of key relationships in commercial and public sector organisations. He has 35 years experience in the demanding military Logistics field and has written a number of definitive books and papers on collaboration. He has participated in the development of BS 11000.

He is a campaigner for local democracy in his district of Milton Keynes and has organised local charities including those supporting carers and people with drug and alcohol problems. You might also catch him on a golf course or ski slope.

Andrew can be contacted directly on andrew.humphries@sccindex.com,



At SCCI Ltd, as collaboration scientists, we believe that partnership management is difficult if not impossible without measurement. We offer a set of collaborative relationship appraisal tools, under the brand PartnerLink, that provide key performance measurements and solution-focussed diagnostics. www.sccindex.com