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Your Relationship
Health Check

EQ PartnerLink is our relationship assessment methodology. It has been designed by Andrew Humphries and Linda McComie of SCCI in association with Cranfield School of Management. It has a strong scientific basis and to date they have secured bottom line and value for money benefits of at least 15% in public and private sector organisations.

EQ PartnerLink powerfully and efficiently taps the key collaborative dynamics in your relationships. The results will clearly show how the relationship is performing against the EQ Partnering virtuous circle of Strategic Alignment, Disciplined Delivery and Trust.

These performance pointers will enable ‘why’ questions to be targeted very precisely and together create an understandable situation report from which improvement opportunities will be identified.

The assessment involves unlimited personnel from your organisations, who are knowledgeable in the relationship. It takes the form of a 15 minute questionnaire for each person involved. This is supported by interviews with two nominated individuals per organisation.

This is an example of the EQ PartnerLink report summarising the health of a collaborative relationship between two organisations.

eq partner link


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