Achieving Brilliant
Things Together

We believe that organisations and their teams achieve brilliant outcomes through energised and sustainable relationships. We help you build strong foundations and develop the skills for collaboration to thrive.

We specialise in

collaborative leaders
and high performing teams

Working together
and thriving
in complex

Building resilient relationships
and collaborative

Overcoming the challenges
of aligning multiple organisations

Creating benefits for
your organisations,
our society, our environment

Achieving Brilliant Things Together!

Sue Tompkins

In EQ partnering we help your organisations to collaborate with shared purpose and for mutual benefit. We coach leaders to create a culture of collaboration in often complex environments, to engage people in shared purpose and to lay the foundations for high performing teams.

We treat you with respect and we will encourage you to treat each other the same way. We will work alongside you to support the relationships as they strengthen and to challenge wherever we observe a need. We help all parties equally, ensuring your needs are aligned and the enablers are in place to bring your organisations together.

We believe that through collaboration organisations can also deliver meaningful benefits for society and the natural world. We want to lead the way and have launched EQ tree to bring together a collaboration of experts, landowners and sponsors. Our key partner the Woodmeadow Trust is guiding these projects – helping us create diverse habitats overflowing with wildflowers, native trees, and insects. We aim to engage with local communities to help us care for these – creating spaces for people to breathe and spaces for nature to thrive.

Welcome. We really look forward to working with you and achieving brilliant things together.