Collaboration needs emotional intelligence and the skills to build strong relationships, so that you can navigate through the challenges that will arise. Our aim is to develop your capability to build sustainable relationships.

Skills to Match Your Role

Leaders in multi-organisation projects and programmes

We provide a simple, comprehensive and effective model to build collaboration throughout your project.

We develop your leadership, and that of your peers, so you can lead jointly in complex environments and across multiple organisations in order to achieve both shared and individual goals.

We support you to overcome performance and commercial issues in the spirit of successful collaboration.

We help you learn to understand and build trust between you all and to build a genuinely collaborative culture that gets the synergy and innovation you need.


Project and Relationship Managers

We help you to manage in a complex environment with flexibility and resilience; balancing the need to drive performance whilst adapting to the unexpected issues that complexity brings.

We will help you build strong links between the multiple delivery teams of your combined organisations, so they can be both efficient and effective.

We will develop your leadership, enabling you to engage people across organisations so they can respond to challenges and changes in delivery.

We provide a simple, comprehensive and effective model for relationship management and a relationship assessment tool that provides clear targets and steps for continuous improvement. This enables you to maintain the quality of relationship enablers through a development plan.

Teams and team leaders

We support teams at all levels of the organisational relationship; executive teams, leadership teams, management teams and delivery teams. We enable you to build a team community with a culture of cooperation, performance and adaptability.

We will help you build strong bonds between the multiple teams of your combined organisations, increasing understanding of the system they work in and so improving their effectiveness.

We provide specialist support at each of the forming, storming, norming and performing stages of creating high performing teams.

L&D, OD specialists and bid teams

We develop your in-house capability to collaborate and can run collaboration development programmes and coaching at leadership and management levels.

We can also help you to express this in bids and selection processes.

We are delighted to work with any competency or behavioural frameworks and psychometrics tools that you value in your business.