Developing skills
for collaboration

We develop the skills and behaviours for your organisation to perform well when collaborating with others. This stuff can be tough and leaders in these environments recognise that a different skill set is required. A capability gap is a risk that can lead to misunderstandings, tension and costly mistakes.

We develop the skills to lead for collaboration and to fulfil the different roles needed of leaders in a complex environment. We also help to form integrated teams and to coach them for team effectiveness. We aim to align with your Learning & Development specialists to target support where it is needed, making sure people are skilled and thriving despite the challenges of multiple organisations working together.

Leading for Collaboration

We prepare leaders for the common challenges to be faced and the typical role that a leader must fulfil when leading for collaboration. This is a set of skills that influence the organisation’s ability to develop a successful relationship.

Development is targeted to suit what you really need. It can be individual coaching or group development and we have the flexibility to deliver this online or face-to-face. Our key principle is that the development focuses on your reality, and you will apply what you learn to solve problems, overcome challenges and create the environment for people to feel engaged and to achieve brilliant things together.

A typical programme would be created from these core learning modules

at their best

Leading in a complex environment

The spirit of collaboration

Building strength in relationships

Sustaining the relationship

Flexible leadership

Integrated Teams that Collaborate

When organisations choose to work together, they expect their people to work as a team. But forming integrated teams across multiple organisations presents it’s own challenges. People have strong ties to their parent organisation and their pattern of behaviour is influenced by this.

We provide team coaching focused on creating new bonds and personal relationships, a shared purpose and clarity about what they need to contribute on behalf of their organisation’s accountabilities. We use our proprietary models to engage people with the principles of collaboration and what this means in practice. We help them to form as an integrated team and to face into challenges together until they are genuinely a high performing team.

Our Learning Zone

We are gathering our models and learning materials into a Learning Zone to support our client’s capability development. We will update the website when this is ready.

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