Though we say so ourselves, the EQ Partnering Virtuous Circle is a simple and comprehensive model that describes the enabling principles, processes and behaviours essential for effective collaboration. It works for complex collaborations between organisations as well as for developing high performing teams in general.

The EQ Partnering Virtuous Circle

We describe the connection between three factors for effective collaboration as the EQ Partnering Virtuous Circle. This includes: Strategic Alignment between your businesses; Disciplined Delivery of your promises; and the principles for sustained Trust

EQ Partnering Virtuous Circle graphic

Strategic Alignment

  • Clear, shared and compatible objectives
  • Effective and fair allocation of work, reward and risk
  • Commitment and belief in the value of your collaboration
  • A collaborative culture to work in

These factors are missed by most behavioural collaboration models but drive a great deal of the behaviour in any relationship. When you get strong Strategic Alignment you create the opportunity for great Disciplined Delivery.

Strategic Alignment

The strategic understanding and connection between your organisations supported by a mutually beneficial commercial framework

Disciplined Delivery

  • Collaborative planning
  • Measurement and control of results
  • Easy commercial processes
  • Great communication
  • Strong delivery through high performing teams

When you get great Disciplined Delivery you build Trust.


Disciplined Delivery

The engagement and collaborative teamwork between your organisations to deliver promised outcomes in a managed and disciplined way


  • A little word with big impact
  • Being willing to trust and being trustworthy
  • Working with positive intent and principles
  • Mutual respect

When people and organisations have high levels of trust in each other they can explore more opportunities for Strategic Alignment.

If you choose to meet or work with EQ Partnering we will be delighted to share much more detail on the model including: how to work with it to drive success; how to lead for collaboration; the impact of incentives, how to build trust, how to recover trust and much much more.


The principles, attitudes and behaviours demonstrated by your organisations to build trust between you